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Card access control systems allow you to electronically manage, restrict and delete individual access to your building.
Anyone who needs regular access to your building is assigned a fob or card which has a unique identifying number
embedded. In the card access software, the fob unique number is correlated to a specific individual. When an
employee or resident brings their fob into proximity of a building card reader the unique fob number is captured by
that reader. The reader transmits the unique number over cables through the building and the number is analyzed by
the card access control panels. If the user has the proper access level for entry at that door, the panels will send a
release signal. Access to doors can vary by time or day, be set to automatically expire or instantly be withdrawn. Our
access control solutions range from single door, stand-alone card access systems to fully-featured and integrated
solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities with complex requirements. Our access control systems are
complimented by a complete line readers as well as photo ID systems and accessories. We can also customize the
included hardware in the kits, tailoring the kits to your needs.