Access control Systems:
reader devices, control panels, Reporting Features, Multi Building interfacing, Scheduling, Gate Barrier
systems, fencing systems, rising Bollards, turnstiles, Switched or Access controlled.

Digital video recorders:
Remote video management software, cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom Domes, Housings, Controllers, Matrix switchers,
LCD displays. POS Integration, Video over IP. Control Room Systems, Desks, Modular furniture Designs to suit
all custom requirements Security Offices, Command Centers, Communication Closets.

Voice and Data communication:
(WAN),Hardware and software,Voice Services,High Speed Internet Access,Data and Wide Area Networking

Home Theater:
Home theatre systems are tremendously popular today, but it's crucial to find the right installer. By hiring the right
company to perform your home theatre installation, you reduce headaches in more ways than one. Read
reviews and ratings of companies that specialize in home theatre audio, home theater seating, LCD vs. Plasma
TV decisions, and more.

Intrusion & Duress Systems:
Panic Buttons, sensors, detectors, remote software, alert systems, control panels and monitoring services.

State-of-art  Intercom Systems:
Need a simple IP based Gate to Door, Door to PC, or Point to Point Intercom solution? Our Audio Intercom
devices from Digital Acoustics provide a solution. Grid Connect provides a great selection of IP Intercom
products from Call stations, IP Based Controllers, Speakers, amplifier, sound system and much more. Audio
amplifiers, speaker systems, digital audio recorders, PA systems, Horns.
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