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We have used KS Security for the last 7 years. From my initial meeting with Kamal he made the transition from the video
camera system we were using to his extremely easy. There was no down time. The installation was completed in a day as
well as the training and Kamal has always made it clear, if we had any questions he is a phone call away. Kamal responds to
immediately and any issues (power outages) we have had were resolved in a timely fashion. Kamal is very easy to work with
and very patient for us non-technical type.

We were extremely pleased with the finished product! The support from Kamal, finished product and price point are
It is a pleasure using KS Security. I would highly recommend KS Security to handle your video camera needs.
The questions and answer of project managers:

• What would you say is unique about me, my services or my way of doing business?
The best thing for me is how you know
how to handle jobs in Canada
• In what way did I add value to the service for which I was engaged? The value you added was I had a couple of emergency
jobs and you were able to fly a tech out and complete promptly.
• In what ways did I make it easy for you to do business with me? What it easy for me was trusting Kamal to come through
and totally complete jobs, knows the product, and kept me updated in great fashion.
• Would you recommend me to others? I recommend Kamal to all my project managers if they have jobs in Canada.
TEL: 905-737-8000
Company Name :   Interface Security Systems   
Comment :   Spectacular update , thank you keep up the great work.

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Company Name :   Interface Security   
Comment :   Thanks again Sir! Excellent work as ALWAYS! Sr. Acct. Mgr.

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Company Name :   Mr. Lubes Owner   
Comment :   Thank you so very much my friend! YOU are our camera-system guy, and we so much appreciate your diligent and talented
attention and counsel! Truly, Kamal, thank you!  

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